Running Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Demo VM in VirtualBox

Munib Ahmed posted an excellent step by step guide how to run an existing virtual machine on Hyper-V into Virtualbox.

This guide allows you for example to run the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Demo VM in any workstation or laptop without Hyper-V.

After configuring this virtual machine uand opening Dynamics AX client in the Role Center you will get an error message like this.

AX 1

The reason for this error message, is due a configuration that is lost by opening it in Virtual Box.

Steps to overtake the issue:
1 – Add a new internal networking card in virtual box


Configure Windows new network card with ip address

Now, refresh the Role Center and you should get a page like this.

Role Center


19 thoughts on “Running Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Demo VM in VirtualBox

  1. Do I need to change anything in the hosts file in system32\drivers\etc folder or is this the onlt setup required … Can you please post an image of your hosts file so I can compare mine… Thanks in advance

    • Hi,

      I have done everything like described but EP still does not work 😦
      with the following error: “An unexpected error…”
      Does somebody has any idea what is wrong (screen shot also available..)


    • Everythinog is fine now, I was given a different IP address than yours by an internal IT guy, it is working fine now

    • Performance issues are killing my Virtual Box, I have allocated 12GB memory and 2 CPU’s but SQL Server usage is running at around 80-90 percent of the resource and I cannot run AX , occasionally it runs but not often… Is there anything else I need to know about ??? Cannot demostrate this environment

      • I also had some performance issues when running the VM on an external drive on a USB port. I moved the VM to the laptop SSD drive, adjusted SQL Server memory settings to use only 2,5 GB of RAM. I configured the VM with 6 GB RAM (2 GB to Windows host) and only 1 CPU. The VM has several AX services installed (Retail ,etc.) , that you can shutdown it if you don’t need it.

        Currently I don’t have performance issues.

      • After installing the machine on Hyper-V server, i changed the IP and DNS server, so that I can access the VM directly from our network. Now neither I am able to browse internet nor EP :(. Any clue where i am doing wrong.

      • I instead of modifying settings I would recommend adding a new network card connected to your network. This network card, must have a default route configured.

  2. Newbie alert!
    Are you running V1.5 or V2 of the AX2012 R2 VM? I can get V1.5 to work except the role centers but V2 doesn’t really work at all.

    What is network adapter 1 in your setup? For my internal adapter, I used the preferred DNS from the setup instructions of Is that my problem?

    How did you limit SQL’s memory? I am giving the VM 5 of 8 GB of RAM which is edge of the green area on VirtualBox.

    Lastly, are your connecting all the vhd files to your VM?


    • 1) The first network is of type “NAT” allowing VM connecting to the internet. But it is indifferent if it is the first or second network card. I have applied the static IP address in the second one.

      2) I have the VM version 1.5, I don’t know if in the version 2.0, it’s the same IP address or a new one.In the next weeks I will try to give a look on it.

      3) If you go to SQL Server instance properties using the Enterprise Manager you are able to define maximum memory of the instance.

  3. Hi,

    I’ve tried to do like you wrote – but EP still does not work. In Windows log I found the error about security token (I have a screenshot).. Does anybady issued that error ?
    Very glad for any help…


  4. I found that IP address in this article is wrong. The correct ip should be a Check the addresses set in IIS.

  5. I found that IP address in this article is wrong. The correct ip should be a Check the addresses set in IIS.

  6. I’ve created a video detailing how to set this up properly in VirtualBox with the R2 v3 image. Take a look at I also created a copy of my settings as a virtual appliance (OVA) file which can be imported into VirtualBox for you to then add your downloaded VHD files which you download from PartnerSource ( A cheat sheet for setup, the OVA file and a keyboard shortcut file for Windows 8/Server 2012 are all located on my SkyDrive at I hope you find this helpful.

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